About Us

MakeInGIS is India’s leading IT based company who is providing solutions to the Geospatial and Engineering sector. MakeInGIS is an offshore GIS value added services provider. It specialises in undertaking GIS contracting services for various counties and municipalities to create, update and maintain the GIS data using GIS Mapping & conversion, Digital Image Processing, Land base Data Mapping, Rectification of Orthophotographs, Conversion of paper maps to GIS etc.

Our business at the lead of technological progress in GIS and have skilled process engineering teams & consultants, using streamlined systems to ensure the best quality and accurate results to a worldwide clientele. With a qualified team of Photogrammetry, LiDAR, GIS & CAD experts and has developed a successful track record and took great pride in our professional reputation through industry verified and the successful project delivered all across the globe.


MakeInGIS provides qualitative UAV-Photogrammetry – Topographic and Planimetric Mapping, Digital Orthophotography, UAV-MLS-ALS-TLS LiDAR all kind of classification and mapping, Point Cloud processing for CAD-BIM Modelling data to International and Indian private and governmental agencies.

MakeInGIS always filtering the best draftsmen, GIS, CAD engineers, Mapping Experts, LiDAR technicians, Photogrammetry experts in the region after thoroughly screening them for their skills professionalism and dedication for an inhouse team build. For this reason, MakeInGIS can produce cost-effective quality services for our end client and it’s proven by our end client.

Our commitment is always to emerge as leading GIS, CAD & Web Solutions provider and to be recognized as the best by our clients, employees, and the community and also to expand the market reach through a successful and satisfied clientele and to emerge as a premier solution provider in the areas of GIS, CAD, LiDAR, Photogrammetry & Web solutions.