Georeferencing is the process of geospatially referencing data and information objects datasets, text documents, maps, photographs and imagery, etc.  to their proper locations on or above Earth. The vast majority of such objects derive from measurements and observations spectacle that are inherently dereferenceable, because humans are largely confined in their activities to the near-surface of the Earth.

So, in a simple term Geo-referencing is the process of scaling, rotating and translating the image to match a particular size and position.

Our Georeferencing Services include

  1. Vector data Georeferencing
  2. Raster image Georeferencing

Geo-referencing of Raster Images

A key element of any mapping project is registering a map with the correct real-world coordinates. This procedure is called geo-referencing. If the maps are not geo-referenced, no other information can be displayed over or positioned under the map coverage.

Depending on the source materials and the specifications of the project, maps can be registered to either a coordinate system or to another base map such as a digital ortho photo.

Spatial Referencing

Vector data or Vector maps can be geo-referenced (or rubber sheeted) to real world coordinates. Vector data can be either rubber sheeted to match existing base maps or the data may be projected into a specific coordinate system. MakeInGIS offers expert geo-referencing services which include geo-rectification and accurate mapping services for a wide range of industry domains.